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"The only tangible predictor for success is the one that beats in your chest."
George P. Kansas
I was having lunch with a friend of mine who is preparing to launch a new business after decades of successful enterprise in various online marketing. It's a new world and there's never been a time in history where past performance was less relevant. The only REAL predictor for success is the one that beats in your chest. Even so, we uncovered some real gems about business success that I just had to share with you. My friend is a sales genius. His name is Paul Lemberg and I share his name with you because this stuff is good and he deserves the recognition for it.
We were talking about how important it is to love what you do. It's a cliche, right? Do what you love and the money will follow. We've all heard it. I've even posted memes on the subject on Facebook. Some even in the last week or so. And I believe it to be true.. Mostly.
Paul called my attention to three more facts that are relevant in the decision to stand behind the platitude and its veracity. 
1) Enough want it. In order to do what you love and have the money follow, there have to be enough folks willing to pay you to do what you love and want the result you create when you do it.
Your passion MUST fit economically in an active market. Unless you're creating a new market space (as spelled out in Blue Ocean Strategy, cool book) like Cirque du Soleil, you've got to be offering something that's already got a ready market for it to a certain extent. Yes, of course, you're going to distinguish and differentiate yourself and your offering. Unless there are people already looking for a solution similar to what you're offering, you'll be looking for customers who will be very hard to find.
There may be some who may need it. There may be some who may need it badly. But unless there are enough of those folks to make a market for it, you'll forever feel like you're beating your head against a stone wall. Ouch!
"Your problem is always the solution to somebody else's problem!"
Jay Abraham
2) It matches the market's need. In order to have your bliss make you a living, what you create by 'doing your thing' must meet the needs of the marketplace. It must solve a problem that is severe enough to warrant the market's investing in it. The alternative to solving a problem severe enough is being certain in your ability to convince the market that the problem you're solving is severe enough. Ron Popeil - of Ronco fame - was a master at this. Through the genius of infomercials, he convinced a generation of consumers that the ability to "set and it and forget it" was such a breakthrough technology for baking hams, washing laundry and steaming vegetables that he produced an industry - in fact an entire economy - culminating in the likes of Home Shopping Network.
3) It supports a business. Finally, in order to do what you love and have the money follow, your offering must have significant margins to sustain a going concern. Business costs money. Running a business that is going to support you doing your thing and selling it has to throw off enough money (profit), for a long enough period of time, to justify the investment in time, money and pain you'll endure bringing it to market. Doing so will also attract investors, customers and collaborators. Three populations that will help you leverage your ability to do what you love!
The realities of the business world can absolute bring you bliss. Going into it with a healthy dose of optimistic realism (or realistic optimism) will help you meet the challenges with less drama, less disappointment and significantly greater resourcefulness.
"Love THAT business and you can totally rock it."
Thanks, Paul, for sharing so generously. Insight is often hard-won. Pay attention and save yourself a lot of aggravation.  ,-)
See you soon. In the meantime, 
Live with vigor, love with all you've got and make the most of it!
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