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The Source Within (a.k.a. Spiritual Alchemy)

It's what's on the inside that counts

What is "Attraction" anyway?

One of the fundamental principles behind the Universal Law of Abundant Attraction is that what is felt on the inside is reflected on the outside. That is to say that when we feel the feelings associated with having a particular experience, and we feel them deep enough and long enough and with enough certainty that the experience is or will be real, then the experience will be made manifest in our lives. This is true, of course, for the good, the bad and the ugly alike.

The point is that the feeling is what makes it happen. The feeling is the prayer to the Universe. Without the feeling, the Universe has no impulse from which to build. It all starts with the feeling. It starts, therefore, on the inside. One could say that the Source of it all, is within.

Is there something that you want more than almost anything else in the world? When you see it clearly enough, intend it strongly enough, and feel it long enough, it will be made real in your life.
Alchemy is NOT witchcraft. It's a psycho-neuro-physiological phenomenon.
Whereas prehistoric man was a victim of environmental stimuli, we on the other hand can:
Choose and,
Determine our state of mind. In some cases - at the highest states of responsibility - we can choose our states of being!
Pure alchemy
By all accounts, this level of self determination appears to be magical. Pure alchemy.  
Choosing our mood and being in it. Then, at a slightly higher level of awareness, recognizing a mood and choosing to do something to alter it. Higher still, choosing a different mood. Even higher, actually choosing to BE different.
At the highest levels of responsibility one might even alter the configuration of their physical expression (body). How? By being so clear, determined and focused on a particular outcome as to actually alter the processes taking place inside ones body.
I joke with my audiences all the time with this challenge. "Don't believe me?" I ask. "Try focusing on negativity, seeing clearly the formation of an ulcer, harboring that tension in your gut long enough to manifest an abnormally tense stomach." I challenge them. As you can imagine, the looks I get in response are predictable. To which I respond, "See, you DO believe that your thoughts can influence your body!"
Wow.  What if we OWNED that?
What if we embraced (and practiced) harnessing the power to harmonize with the unseen to attract and manifest the experience of our deepest desires ... positively miraculous! Alchemy!
With that kind of power, we are capable of accomplishing literally anything.
Harmony, abundance, love.
Master Alchemist (yes, I'm talking to you!) I ask ye. What will ye set thine heart and mind to today?
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