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The 3 Conversations that are making or breaking you...

Tracey and I have been speaking and sharing the powerful truths we've learned
over the years with audiences up and down the California coast. A big
conversation we're having often is the idea of how powerful the words
around us are influencing the world around us. Each conversation is a
reflection of what's going on in our minds.
It's never been clearer to us how powerful words can be. Which is why Tracey and I have
declared 2016 to be the Year of the Messenger!
A big part of creating awesome results in our lives is influencing the
outcomes we create. The most powerful indicator of those outcomes are
the 3 conversations I explain in THIS VIDEO.
There's no offer, no pitch, nothing to buy. Just a VIDEO explaining a powerful tool we teach all the time.
Live with vigor, love with all you've got, and make the most of it!
This video was posted on Facebook last week, too. So feel free to share this email with any friends you have who may enjoy it.
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