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T Swift Wins Grammy ... and why you should care!

what we can learn about attracting success from this remarkable young woman

Taylor Swift wins Grammy for Album of the Year!
In and of itself, that Taylor Swift won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s isn’t really that strange an occurrence.  Beyond the extraordinary accomplishment it is to win a Grammy to begin with, the fact that T Swift won it is barely notable. What makes this win so unique, however, is the WAY in which Ms. Swift wins.
This video - compiled apparently by our friends at Huffington Post - shows a side of Ms. Swift that warrants admiration.
Watch this video and notice how genuinely happy she is for her friends. Ms. Swift was a contender for each of these categories. Technically, she has “lost” each of these categories. Yet she celebrates her friends’ victories with even MORE enthusiasm with which she celebrates her own.
It’s delightful to watch.
How do you feel?
How do you celebrate your friends’ victories?
Do you dance and celebrate with heartfelt joy and enthusiasm? Or secretly,
in the privacy of your own space, envy their wins. Do you quietly put
them down or diminish their success because deep down, it reminds you of
a disappointment you aren’t prepared to feel.
The deep sadness that comes up from the disappointments of our lives, can be
overwhelming. Gratitude can help to salve some of the pain. Allowing
yourself to feel the sadness without beating yourself up, however, can
often be the fastest way to unlock the doors to your own dreams.
Without being expressed, the sadness and pain of our past losses and
disappointments will make themselves known in our lives in unhealthy
ways. Tiny, insidious little resentments and sabotages continue to pop
up and hold you back. What resentments are you still holding onto? 
Might they express themselves in your life through sarcasm, petty
jealousies and fear?
When you’re in tune with your desires and dreams, you begin to notice those resentments popping up. You begin to empower yourself to leave them behind and embrace instead the victories you’ve enjoyed.
When you focus with gratitude on what you have done, more comes to you. Why? Because when you remain focus on your desires and how your accomplishments align with them, you regularly behave in a way that brings more to you.
From that place of abundance and gratitude and mindfulness, you feel full. From that place
of ambitious satisfaction, you can celebrate others’ victories because
you know in your heart that their success does not diminish yours. Their
winnings do not come at your expense. There is - indeed - plenty to go
From that place, you’re free to shine your bright light.
Taylor Swift exemplifies what makes an artist a brilliant light. While
watching this second video, notice the humility upon winning. This is
what I admire about this young woman.
Appreciate the brilliance in her remarks. It's all been said before, of course. They're
platitudes, to be sure. And each and every word echoes the truth!
Cliche' becomes cliche by being true for a few thousand years!
This is what will give Taylor Swift the iconic stature she has now, long into the future.
What can we learn from Ms. Swift? How can being in humble gratitude help you to attract more of what you desire?
If you'd like to continue this exploration on a daily basis, please join Tracey and I on our daily abundance mindset meditation - Prosperity Playground. Join us each weekday with our compliments!
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