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24 years ago I was elected to public office in New York State

Voting today in the California primary really took me back.  First of all, the milestone of voting for the first time in the Republic of California was really a big deal for me.  Second, the act of voting has always been a bit of an emotional experience for me.  Me and my roots as a budding constitutional scholar. The nostalgia of participating actively in the democratic process runs deep in me. To me, the act of casting my vote - no matter how small, how seemingly insignificant, how threatened - is my third most important responsibility as a citizen.  My first being to BE a good citizen and the second to RAISE good citizens.

I walked into the polling place - a Hebrew Temple just about a half mile from our home (the brilliant, ironic and iconic nature of that right there's gotta grab you by the throat, right?) - and it hit me.  The feeling that 'I'm doing something about it.'  25 years ago I decided to 'do something about it' and ended up a lawmaker!

When the system works, it works.

Yes, we have work to do. We have to clean up our act.  We must overturn the Citizens United decision. We must get more people involved in the process and we must elevate the consciousness of the electorate. 

Having said that, it feels freakin' great to vote. At the VERY least, by speaking your truth, you give a voice to the voiceless.  And that ain't nothin'!  Besides, when you vote, they give you a sticker for goodness' sake.

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