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Men, Women & Paradox

Our greatest role as men...

Men, women & paradox.
Guys, I'm no relationship expert. God knows.
I can tell you, however - without apology - that I've advised powerful men. I've dined with royalty and led legions of leaders. I've cried at the sight of great cruelty and horror. I've knelt in prayer in the face of my own death. I've been in successful relationships and I've been harsh and cruel in them, too. I've raised a daughter and a son. None of it perfectly. All of it with the best intentions and as much consciousness as I was capable of at the time.
I'm certain I've earned the right to share the wisdom I've observed and has been shared with me. At the same time - for this entire time - women have been a mystery. Not a mystery, a paradox. A beautiful, delicious, frustrating paradox. Our relationship with women mirrors our relationship with our selves.  
Strength v. Vulnerability.
Kindness v. Matter-of-fact-'ness'
Affection v. Detachment
Achievement v. Recreation
Our greatest role - greater still than father, leader, warrior or statesman - is to hold sacred space for our women's SAFE expression.
If I accomplish one act of elevating awareness on this planet - my hope is to help my brothers see that when we occupy our space most fully - expressing our deepest self most fully - it is in service (not servitude) of, to and for our women (our mothers, our sisters, our lovers and our daughters). In doing so, their magic heals us all.
In my life with Tracey, I've seen the amazing things that are created when I occupy my greatest space. The woman I get to share my life with awakens more every day.
Oh, that I'd been this aware when Tessa was a wee lass or Peter a wee lad. I'm grateful to see this now, at least. It's never, really, too late.
Let that marinate. Then think about how you might hold a safer space for the women in your life. How might you make it a little bit safer for them to be their full beautiful selves. And think about the many ways you will benefit when that happens.
In brotherly service and with profound admiration for all of the awesome expressions of your power,
I remain...
George Peter Kansas
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