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Light Bringer?

Now's your time to shine!

Tracey and I have been having a very similar conversation; over and over, lately. You - our subscribers, clients and friends - have been asking us the same questions. Especially - it seems - over the past few months.

Am I crazy, or is it the world?

“Why do I see things that others don’t seem to see?”

“Why do I seem more sensitive than most other people I know?”

“Why does the world seem so crazy to me?”

“I feel like there is a special purpose I’m supposed to live. And now feels like when I’m supposed to live it!”

Can you relate?

We both certainly can. Since we each were little - we’ve discovered - Tracey and I both thought we had a special job to do here. A special purpose to fulfill. We’ve known for a long time that it has something to do with spirit. That whatever plan God, the Universe, Source, etc. had for each of us, it had something to do with reminding people of their connection to it. It has something to do with reminding people about ‘One-ness’.

It's about One-ness!

The other day, while on the phone with one of our dear Embodied Leader clients, I decided it’s time to step up and gather the messengers. Let’s start with a conversation. I’m hosting a webinar called Bringing the Light! - A Messenger’s Purpose, on Tuesday, August 9, 2016 at 11am PST, 2pm EST. For about an hour, I will share my  passion for:

  1. Recognizing your status as a messenger

  2. Getting comfortable with that responsibility

  3. Bringing your brightest self into the world.

CLICK HERE to register for this powerful webinar.

I may even get to do some of that ‘famous’ laser coaching, :-)  if there’s enough time.

If you’re ready (or think you may be) to accept your purpose as a messenger and find out what you can do about it right now, CLICK HERE and register for the conversation.

Live with vigor, Love with all you’ve got & Make the most of it,   


P.S. Now is the time. You know it. We know it. You can feel the calling. Let’s talk about it.

CLICK HERE to register for this important webinar.

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