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It costs $500 to change a Ferrari's oil!

What does "high-maintenance" mean, anyway?

It costs $500 to have the oil changed in a Ferrari!
What does "high-maintenance" mean anyway? Something to think about.
It costs $500 to have the oil changed in a Ferrari. Guys, can we stop bitching about what it takes to keep a 'high-maintenance" woman happy? Of course, this means many things to many different guys. Here's a perspective shift for you. High performance requires a maintenance commitment. "High" and "Low" are states of mind. A choice you make for how you look at the world.
If you want the Ferrari version of your spouse or partner, appreciate the elegant design, celebrate the uniqueness, embrace the excellence. You wouldn't refer to your own self-care as "high-maintenance". Why on earth would you refer to the way you treat your love as that?
After all, your ability to maintain that level of excellence in your life, is merely a reflection of the excellence in you!
P.S. It's not about the flowers or chocolate. It's about the love and appreciation behind them.
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