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I'm different than I was...

...and why it matters to you.

Marriage changed me

I’m different since getting married. It’ll be three years on July 4. I’m writing to share with you what on earth this has to do with YOUR life. Because becoming husband to Tracey has caused a redoubling of my commitment to my spiritual path. Because partnering with this extraordinary spiritual seeker has made me three times the spiritual leader over the past three years. Because stepping into my highest expression with this extraordinary woman has allowed me to triple my capacity to hold space for the transformation of others.

If you’re a woman (or if you're an awesome guy who knows a woman), passionate about sharing your message with the world through your business or in your relationship or by your life in general, I want you to meet Tracey.

For three years Tracey and I have deepened our spiritual exploration far beyond that which I previously even desired to explore. As a result, we’re teaching more powerful tools, sharing more powerful teachings, leading more powerful experiences with the intent of leading you deeper and deeper into yourself!

The results I’ve seen emerge from the women in our community are staggering and inspiring.

It all starts with a lovely two-day experience in Los Angeles. And it’s right around the corner. And I really, really would love for you to be there.  Not for me. For you.

One passionate member of our community, Kirsty, has this to say to you about this unique event.

If you’re seeking (and you know what I mean), please join us. My deep desire is for you to OWN your truth.

If you’re desiring to take your life higher (and you know what I mean), please join us. My deep desire is for you to HONOR the sacred Source from which your passion was born.

If you’re passionate about being more visible in your life, relationships and/or business (and you know what I mean), please join us. My deep desire is for you to stop hiding and UNLEASH your most brilliant self into the world!  There are people actually PRAYING for you to do so. Don’t make them wait for your most authentic you.

We’ll see you there!


P.S. Please join us. The early bird ticket sales price is still available. Watch this great video to get a peek into the room from last fall’s event.

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