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GPK's favorite life changing app picks of 2014

The five smartphone apps that really made a difference this year!

GPK’s top ideas of 2014 for entrepreneurs 


You know when you find a service that simply changes your life? You just have to share it right?


We've found a few time savers that really and truly have changed our lives. They’ve either saved us valuable time, precious money we can use for other fun things and growing our business, or are just plain cool and make us feel like rockstars (and that has huge value, too!).


Here are the top 5 apps and services we fell in love with in 2014.


1) Strikingly


This amazing platform allows you to create, well, striking webpages quickly, easily and I’m pretty sure the first three pages are FREE. After that, for like 20 bucks you can support up to 5 pages and for each person you refer to the platform, they give you another one up to 9. Don’t quote me on the bonuses but I’m telling you, when you want to create a simple, informative and moderately interactive page, you need to make Strikingly a stop on your exploration. The templates are cool and I could do it myself which should tell you a LOT about it’s ease of use and functionality.  You can see what I’ve been able to do in minutes using this amazing, user friendly (proof) platform.,,,


To sign up and try it for free, Strikingly Link


2) Leadpages


Holy cow. Again ease of use and functionality. I can do it. You can do it. Build effective landing pages for list-building on an easy to use platform that’s tested and used by the best in the biz!


3) Hotel Tonight


down load this app from the AppStore and book your next stay knowing that you’re getting the best deal available at that moment.  Use it last minute for a total rush of “I’m Superman/woman, watch me manage my life on the fly” kind of moment!


4) Washio


LOOOOVE Washio.  Get Washio. Never do laundry again.


I remember when I was a ski instructor in Switzerland I was first exposed to the idea that you can pay a chubby old swiss Frau to wash and fold your laundry for you and she’ll smile all the while.  Just like Mom. While she didn’t put your cleans away for you, she did deliver them across the counter in a tidy package. And she charged by the pound. Well, imagine the chubby little swiss Frau comes to your DOORSTEP, picks up your laundry, drops off a little baked treat (usually a brownie) and the very next day, drops off your washed, folded (and even dry-cleaned) laundry. All done by cheerful Washio ‘Ninjas’ with a rockin’ app and entrepreneurial spirit. and or download the app at the App Store.


5) Uber and Lyft


I know, I know, old news, right. I hear you. I still can’t say enough about these incredibly enterprising, efficient, cost-effective alternatives to limos, cabs and car services!  On a moment’s notice, clean, reliable, vetted, friendly transportation finds you where you are and often with an iphone charger and a bottle of water waiting for you (and now you can even share a ride). You can’t beat it. Download the apps at the AppStore.

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