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Freedom is not free

a memorial day reflection

Freedom is not free

​ A few weeks ago, Tracey and I flew to Washington, D.C. to observe Passover with a new part of our growing family. One of the highlights of the visit - after our amazing Passover Seder - was a trip to the National Mall. Just the two of us had a quiet walk through the many monuments.

We were both struck by these somber words inscribed on the elegantly simple and powerful Korean War Memorial.

There is something to be treasured about this statement, and to bring it directly to you, to me, and to each one of us walking this path of consciousness.

We are so blessed to be free in so many ways - we are free to be who we are, free to pursue our passions, free to know we're safe, free to know we are able to live whatever life we choose, free to speak up and speak out. And so much more.

Here, in our conscious community, we get to go even deeper and explore what freedom means spiritually as well:

Being free means that you get to wake up to the automatic patterns that have been running the show, and choose who 'gets up on stage' everywhere in your life (e​g​:​​ the little girl​/boy​ or the grown woman​/man​).

And, being free means that you get to look out at a crowded marketplace and choose where YOU uniquely fit. YOU get to bring forward YOUR unique gifts and message. YOU get to shine brightly as only YOU can, and not have to compare, constrain or constrict yourself as you keep doing the inner work so you can be safe to be free as the real, authentic YOU.'s what it does cost:

- Freedom requires releasing your attachment to old habits and what is familiar and comfortable. This often will feel less 'freeing' at first as you go through the changes and transformation.

- Freedom requires learning what, where, how and when you are driven by your ego, and learning to let go and choose your higher self.

- Freedom requires getting honest about where you are 'enslaved' by your own limiting ideas, beliefs and conversations. In the truest sense of being free on the inside, which is a must before you're ever really free on the outside, it asks you to love yourself more than you may have ever before. And more than anyone ever taught or showed you how to love yourself.

​On this weekend of all weekends it is fitting to recognize that our ability to be free in these ways rests firmly on the shoulders of the brave men and women who - throughout the years - have put themselves in harms way and paid the ultimate price to protect those freedoms.

Being free means so much, and we​ invite you to take a moment and consider what 'being free' means to you.

This weekend, please remember those souls who died to preserve our ability to live largely free from fear. It is with profound gratitude that Tracey and I (George and I) observe Memorial Day​ and invite you to join us in meditations of gratitude and peace for the loved ones of those brave men and women.

Freedom is not free.

This weekend, let us all remember this deep in our hearts, while we continue to hold dearly our deepest intentions for peace everywhere.

PS: The ultimate freedom is being free to be the real you. When you do, you want to stand in your higher purpose and share your unique gifts with those who need you. Please give yourself the gift of being with us on June 16 & 17th for an intimate transformational 2-day live experience to free yourself to "Own, Honor and Unleash" your true voice and magnificence so we can all bring more peace and love to our world. Click here to join us.

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