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Adele weighs in

The "Eyes" have it...or do they?

George here,

We’re in full preparation for our live messenger training event - Speak With Soul - next week. Of course, as of the date of this message, it’s not too late to join us for this amazing 3.5 day immersive training. ( If you can’t make it, keep an eye out for exciting announcements in the next few weeks. We’ve been going deep and working hard to create the next iteration of transformational live and virtual experiences that fully express what we’re each here to do. We look forward to sharing those developments soon.

Who’s in the Q?:

“I don’t play for the eyes. I play for the ears. I love hearing my audience breathe.” Adele

Things We Dig:

Many of shoot video. As you know, we certainly do. More and more we’re finding that we’re inspired to shoot video “on the go”. The inspiration hits us on the beach after our morning meditation, sometimes in the car or the airport, sometimes right there in the room of a live event. When the mood strikes, we like to be prepared. Social media outlets like Facebook know this. This is why Facebook introduced live video to take on the wild popularity of the likes of Periscope. My friend Justin Livingston had one of these gimballs at a mastermind we were participating in together and instantly, I had gadget envy. He raved about it. I tried it and finally bit the bullet. It’s a bit of an investment AND your viewing pleasure is worth it to me. I’ll let you know how it works out. (google: stabilizing gimballs for smartphone)

Quotable, Tweetable, Shareable

“I no longer say “I have to” - since my (former) wife’s cancer - now I say “I GET to!” Mark Schulman

What we’re up to:

The above picture was taken after a recent talk Mark and I gave together - along with speaking industry giant, Chris Lee - at METal, Los Angeles’ dynamic men’s organization dedicated to changing the world through Media, Entertainment and Technology. Let by my dear friend, Business Rockstars host, Ken Rutkowski, the father of the Podcast! Pictured is drummer for Pink & Cher and others, little ol’ me, and Kenny Aranoff, Drummer for John Cougar Meloncamp and others. It was a star studded day and an honor to teach. You can catch a piece of my talk below...

Did you know?

Costa Rica has Crocodiles? According to Google News this wildly bio-diverse region of Central America is experiencing a bit of a conflict with growing Crocodile populations and expanding tourist operations. The Costa Rican government has even been sued by a surfing competition contestant after an alleged attack during a surfing session at a popular beach. This incredibly beautiful region is home to rare species of flora and fauna and ecosystems from beach front to rain forest and even volcanoes!

Messenger Tip…

When in doubt, jump back on the road. That’s why we advocate having a roadmap. When you’re prepared enough to be present, two great things happen.

1) If the moment calls for going “off road” with your audience, you are comfortable to do it. When you’ve followed a particular path to its conclusion, you can jump back on the road and follow your mapped-out route from where you left off.

2) If you run into a blank moment (and it happens to the best of us - more funny stories about that some day) you can rely on your roadmap to bring back to the moment. For instance, you make your introduction and mid-way through your teaching points you space out. Your brain wipes clear like a hard-drive in front of a magnet (it’s happened to me). You take a breath, recall where are you on the road-map (ie: teaching point #2 of 3) and you pick up where you “went off the road”. A little bit of structure - especially at the beginning as you’re finding your voice in the world - goes a long way to building your confidence. The video quality isn’t superby, but the 5 point roadmap is consise and powerful (and explained in about 8 minutes).

Parting thought:

“We can choose - everyday - to either kill the planet with our greed, or heal the planet with our deed.” GPK

See you next week!

Bye for now,

George & Tracey

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