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A New Year's Day Post by any other name...


I wish you BEing. 

A web-log posting on January 1 wouldn’t be official without the obligatory Happy New Year, right? We’ll get to that. I promise. Indeed, I wish for you all good things in 2015. This includes good health, wealth, abundance lifestyle and yes, of course, happiness! 

More than happiness, however, my truest wish - my deepest intention - for you is more of an amalgam of states of being. More along the lines of resourcefulness than happiness. What I truly wish for you is such an all-abiding, powerful, inspired presence that no matter what circumstance, no matter what people, no matter what responses, no matter what emotions you experience or find yourself in or surrounded by, you realize in every moment that you have the resources of an abundant Universe right there within you. Always. 

Hell or Heaven is in the heart.

For the past four years I’ve undertaken an intentional spiritual journey. Some of you witnessed as I first forswore relationship, lived in the mountains, renewed my commitment to reading wisdom texts and engaged in intentional and high vibrational conversations around the duality of life, the polarity of relationship, the deep joys and the deep pains the human experience offers us all.

Together we’ve discussed the profound truths the human experience is governed by. The Universal Laws, so to speak. We’ve gone round and round about the spiritual nature of things and the apparent clash of spirituality and science. All leading me to my own spiritual identity and understanding of what many of us would call God, some of us would call the Universe, some still Higher Power, Pure Being, Creative Source and even a few of us, Klarthon the Invader or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 

Through this journey, I’ve explored the attractive powers of harmonic resonance and the amazing manifesting results that appear when applied with passion and purpose. Just months after intending a powerful partner, Tracey and I were married. Months later a wildly successful business partnership was birthed to support an amazing community of women entrepreneurs, healers and executives and the extraordinary men who hold space for them spanning the continents. A few months later still, another partnership (which you’ll soon learn about) was realized in the arena of supporting cancer survivors and their caregivers. All the while deepening my relationships with my children, our families and our mutual commitments to strengthening family in love, compassion and certainty.

All of this has not come without hard work and a resounding and constantly renewing commitment to the principles of love, compassion, patience, choice, commitment and action. In all of the relationships nurtured this year, we experienced deep ruptures in the old fabrics and attended to profound sutures in healing them. Deep love brings up deep wounds giving us the opportunity for healing. In that moment of recognizing the opportunity, lies the opportunity to choose. Happiness or sadness. Healing or deepening of the original wound. Joy or Despair. After the screaming and shouting, after the tears, the love and purpose is uncovered. Exposing a moment of choice. In those moments of choice, we create heaven or hell for ourselves and those around us. 

Renewal and Forgiveness

The new year is an opportunity to renew, to be sure. First things first, however. Before renewal has its best chance, we must first practice radical, sweeping, elemental forgiveness. From the farthest reaches of the Universe to the deepest cell of bone marrow, we must forgive the former versions of ourselves who’s decisions brought us to this very moment. 

Once forgiven, renewal from this point forward becomes truly possible. Ten years ago I lie in bed. My body riddled with a cancer that had destroyed - in its entirety - my body’s ability to make new blood. I lived on both borrowed blood and borrowed time. The moment I forgave the thoughtless acts of a younger version of me, my body began to heal. Freed from the burden of nearly a decade of guilt and a lifetime of self-doubt, self-loathing and fear, my body was able to express its essential divine nature.

A brief physics lesson.

Within your body are the building blocks of the Universe. Each molecule - as we know them - pulsing with an animating energy we’ve only begun to understand. Each molecule only a fraction of ‘substance’ and the balance pure space. Vibrating at a particular frequency makes that molecule part of the matter it appears to us to be. Be it organic, inorganic, living or inanimate, the ‘stuff’ the Universe is made of is mostly space. Mostly possibility. Mostly pure potentiality.

At any given moment, all of this ‘stuff’ appears as something. At all other moments, this ‘stuff’ is mostly space. Possibility. Pure potentiality. The mystery surrounding this space, those moments of ‘nothingness’, of pure potentiality, of ‘in between’ something and something else, is - perhaps - inexplicable. In this space, occupying this space - in my understanding - is God.

It’s the closest thing I can come to understanding the un-understandable. Explaining the inexplicable. Comprehending the incomprehensible. That it marries my understanding of both spirit and science - as both a scientist and a spiritual disruptor - is a bonus that happens also to help me sleep at night. That it happens to be non-threatening and in my opinion consistent with pretty much anyone else’s beliefs is also a bonus.

That this is my truth is immaterial. What is important is that you do your own exploration. You come to your own conclusions. You understand your own truths. 

My Wish For You

My desire for you this year is that you undertake this exploration with greater fervor. That you find it in yourself to recognize the abundant truth that lies within you in that ‘space between the moments’. That you see the truth in that all of the abundance of the Universe is matched within you. I wish you the presence of knowing in every moment that nothing separates you from me, from our brothers and sisters, our fellow plant and animal inhabitants on this planet, the planet itself and indeed the entire Universe. In that, perhaps you’ll become a bit kinder to yourself. Forgiving former versions of yourself and being grateful for all of those decisions without judgment of them. In that, perhaps you’ll become a bit more compassionate for your dearest loves and even for those not quite so dear to you. In that, perhaps you’ll be kinder to the children, kinder to the animals, kinder to our Gaya, mother earth who sustains us. In that, perhaps you’ll see yourself in all those beings.

This is my deepest wish for you. A state of being and more powerful presence in which you can see yourself in the moment and the God in yourself.

Oh, yes, and Happy New Year!

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