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A Memorial Day Blessing

May we express our heartfelt gratitude for the brave and staunch men and women who put themselves in harm's way so that we may live in freedom. Throughout the years, putting commitment to liberty over fear of death, our service corps have served in every corner of the globe. Year after year, they’ve left the safety and comfort of their homes so that we may continue to enjoy that of ours.
Should you encounter a veteran, recognize that in them resides the soul of not only the warrior whose courage warrants acknowledgment but also the loving soul who knows the great losses.
Remember that he or she has likely seen horrors that would keep you up for a thousand nights. That he or she has likely paid a price for our freedom that many of us may never have the courage to offer.
Remember that inside that warrior is a divine soul deserving of love and kindness and safety and peace, just like you. He or she sacrificed some of that peace for you without ever knowing your name. Be sure to thank him. Be sure thank her. Wish them well. Perhaps silently say a prayer of gratitude that they may enjoy peace in their heart for the rest of their days.
They've earned it, along with our gratitude.
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