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30 years is a long time

it might be time to shake things up...

30 years in an industry that has it's dark side...

I'd be grateful for the opportunity to speak to you candidly about some things. It will benefit you tremendously. It already is and you may not be aware of it. ​Tracey and I have been passionate about this topic for a long time. We deeply believe that this needs to be brought 'into the light' within this amazing 'transformational' industry in which I have been immersed for nearly 30 years!

Last week ​Tracey​ spoke at a wonderful event as keynote speaker​. We were excited because this is a community we love being a part of and feel our gifts are appreciated there.​

​Tracey was excited, and in her talk, she did something we've both been excited to do since we met each other just three years ago.

She stepped 'outside the lines' and shook a few things, and a few folks, up.  It had been a long time since she'd spoken at a multi-speaker event. In fact, it had been a long time since she even attended one. She's been 'off the grid' of those kinds of events for very specific reasons. Only because she was a speaker did we attend this one.


As we sat in the room with many folks and colleagues whom we respect and love, we watched the energy in the room - both on and off stage. We watched the flow of each speaker, what was shared and what was offered, and, we were a bit surprised.

We made beautiful connections with women as we walked down the hall, or on the breaks, or even just turning around and making eye contact. Some were in tears within seconds of connecting with Tracey, and all shared their deeper desire and pain. That did not surprise me.

The truth is for us, having been in and around this industry, I was struck by a lot of the 'old school' stuff we saw, and a bit turned off. The good news is that it reignited our passion for how much we love training messengers, 'new school' style -- ie "the Messenger training from the inside out" that we teach - and we're excited that we're gearing up for more of that soon!

All that said, when Tracey was praying on what to share in that room, she got the hit -
"you have to wake them up."

She sat up the night before to work on her slides, and the more she tried, the more information was downloaded and she felt overwhelmed. So, she took a bath and went to sleep.

When she got up, she asked again for clarity, and got even more information.

But when she went to simplify the slides, it wasn't flowing for her and then she realized we didn't have the adapter we needed for the projector, so she couldn't use slides anyway.

That was great news!

She trusted and surrendered.

As she stood in front of everyone, she felt a surge of energy to call out what felt like the elephant in the room, and do so with love and respect. She went for it! She even overstated it at times, because she could see the souls waking up.



It was amazing and the feedback was beautiful! Tears were shed, hearts were opened, permission to be themselves was granted and transformation had occurred.

And, there were a few feathers that were a bit ruffled too. The beautiful part was that it was a wonderful opportunity to get closer to a few folks whom we deeply respect and care for, and get closer to our own truth to help us hone in even more. It was powerful and amazing!


When the men in the room discovered that this is what we stand for, nearly every one of them shared with me the deep relief they felt at having permission to be themselves.  Nearly every one of them hugged me in tears when they realized I was a man willing to take a stand for them to claim their own selves and stand for their own greatness!

Can you relate?  Do you feel the need to let go of ego and take a stand for your TRUE greatness.  The greatness that's in your heart?

What emerged for us on an even-deeper level, was how strong our passion is to bring the 'conscious communication' conversation to the forefront of our industry.

The journey of the messenger is messy, until it's elegant (and it's often both).

The journey of the messenger is to discern and 'dance' between ego and soul, and choose from moment-to-moment with great presence and courage.

"Systems are critical. But no system, no template, no formula can compensate for an empty message or an incongruent messenger!"

The journey of the messenger is to be willing to risk for a greater purpose, and to step outside of the norm to 'stand out from among them' with love and light.


As messengers, we have to be willing to let it be messy at times, and always take a stand/stand in a truth that is loving. Both Tracey and I deeply believe that we have a divine duty to make it safe to find new conversations in our industry that pulls back from money, flash and copying systems as the primary focus, and instead puts it back on people, evolution and caring for each other so we all heal and help ourselves, each other, the animals, kids and our planet. It's about love, divine truth and who we're being as the foundation for what we're doing out in the world.

"Systems are critical. But no system, no template, no formula can compensate for an empty message or an incongruent messenger!"

We'll be talking more about this at the Own, Honor and Unleash Live Experience and I'll be leading more conversations like this with the men of the world soon! Your conversation and willingness to step outside of the lines is needed now, with love and from your heart. That's the beautiful work we do together in this community.

This is so juicy! I invite you ladies to attend Own, Honor and Unleash and bring a friend with you so we can share this with more women. We need more women's voices on stages and in the world, and more women in this conversation. Click Here for all of the details!

For you men, please stay tuned because an invitation to a conversation with me is looming very close in the near future!

Have an amazing week!

Be kind, be bold and love with all you've got,


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