Omega Mindset is committed to creating and sharing experiences that empower men to:


    - Occupy our most authentic space,

    - Lead in our businesses and lives in the ways we know we're meant to and;

    - Express our true selves on stage, in the boardroom, on the playground and in the bedroom.



    In short: Omega Mindset is about swinging your d*#k...

    without BEING one! ™


    The Omega Mindset Man is a warrior, a poet, a maverick and a misfit. Sometimes all at the same time. He's been challenged… and he's still here!


    In business and in life, our workaday mindset has been toxic, debilitating and often fatal. I just can't sit still for it anymore. After nearly 30 years of study, interviews, research and client work with athletes, performing artists, entrepreneurs and executives, I've decided to share my understanding in support of us 21st century men. Most of the rules our fathers taught us just don't apply anymore. And yet, at the same time, some of them are more relevant than ever.


    Introducing; O.M. - Omega Mindset. The Omega Mindset Man is ready for anything; not because he's tough (though he is), or because he's brave (though he is), but because he knows how to be himself. The Omega Man knows how to be himself because he:


    - Knows himself,

    - Loves, respects and trusts himself and;

    - Expresses himself.


    The Omega Man is irresistible in business, in community and at home.


    O.M. is NOT:


    - a religion,

    - a philosophy or;

    - a "lifestyle" or "trend".


    O.M. is simply a way of being.


    Omega Mindset is for you if you've been looking for a place where personal development meets science meets psychology meets the spiritual foundation you wished you'd been given as a kid. It used to be called Alpha. Now, it's called Omega. It's what makes a man be his best.


    Omega: the last letter of the Greek alphabet, historically used to describe the end or the last. The Omega Man represents the last generation of human men to let go of the old rules (that don't apply anymore). The Omega Man actively partakes in the transformation from old earthbound man to spiritually conscious man. The Omega Man is the missing link between the ages. This is why business leadership training of O.M. is called Missing Link Leadership.


    The goal of O.M. is to elevate men's consciousness in areas of life such as business, health, relationships, children, animals, the environment, spirituality and sex, so that we can really leave a powerful legacy of peace and prosperity for our children, their children and their children, too! As a family man, that kind of stuff is important to me. My guess is - since you're reading this - it might be important to you too. You might be ready to be an Omega Man.


    The Omega Man knows pain. He's lived a life with ups and downs. He's loved and lost. He's tried and succeeded at something he doesn't enjoy. He's tried and failed at something someone else thought he'd be good at. He's ready to try and succeed at something he loves. Sometimes he's even experienced a life threatening or near death experience.


    He might think he needs a hero to save him. He doesn't know (yet!) that his hero awaits him…in the mirror. Inside himself.


    Are you ready to find your hero?


    More is coming so stay tuned. Join below and we'll keep you up to date on O.M. events coming soon.


    The heroes you've been waiting for are gathering. Join the pack!


    Here's a short introduction to the Omega Mindset

    from OM creator, George P. Kansas

    The Code. The Conduct. The Pay-Off!

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    A Conscious Man's Perspective: Musings inspired by survival and observation. Observations inspired by amusement. By George P. Kansas - "The Rockstar Monk"

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    George P. Kansas

    "The Rockstar Monk"

    From 1995 to 2005, as performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and artists, practicing attorney and full time, single father of two, George’s work focused on helping busy people strike a healthy, nurturing balance between professional and personal responsibilities and physical and spiritual growth. He shared his perspectives across the globe under the trademark, Jumper Cables for the Soul.


    In 2005, in the midst of launching a boutique record label and the relief concert series - Rock2Rebuild - George was diagnosed with a rare Leukemia which had completely destroyed 100% of his bone marrow. Just 5 months later, after employing a rigorous combination of modern medical science, powerful creative visualization, and his self-developed B.T.M. - Bio-Transformative Meditation - George was “cancer free”. Through that experience George - an ordained interfaith minister - realized that the business, sports, spiritual and relationship lessons he’d been teaching for years played an important role in saving his own life.


    George was involved in the launch of the world’s first online coaching platform which led in the development of the internet’s first content delivery for motivational and inspirational business and personal development recordings.


    Since his recovery, George has run 4 marathons, published 8 books, and spoken to tens of thousands across North America. He’s trained hundreds of runners to run their first races and supported retreat events for survivors and caregivers. His life's purpose? To help you bridge the gap from Fear to Fantastic!


    George and his wife - fellow author/speaker Tracey Trottenberg - divide their time between southern California and northern New York.








    *O.M., The Omega Mindset, "You Sir, are the hero you've been looking for!" & "Swing your d*#k without being one!" are trademarks of Leadership Motivation, LLC.  Unauthorized use of these marks is prohibited by U.S. and international law.

  • "One of the best decisions I made was hiring George to be a speaker at my event. He rocked the crowd and clients are still talking about it months later. Thank you."

    ~ R. K. Smith, CEO


    "So glad I was brave and made the move. I really got so much out of our work together."

    ~B. Languth - Financial Planning Professional


    "In three hours, we went from co-workers to family. I love these people!"

    ~ Randy - International Sales Exec.


    "I experienced profound - and profitable - benefits during the first session!"

    ~ Ben - C-level Executive


    "Like Jumper-Cables for my mind!"

    ~ S.Thompson - Education Leader


    "I closed two five-figure deals within weeks."

    ~ Carl W. - Entrepreneur


    "My work with George broke down barriers almost immediately. (with) George's insight, I was led, step-by-step, through the whole transformational process."

    ~ Robert C. - Sales Engineer


    "The support and feedback combined with George's compassion and experience really turned up the heat on my business. Getting to my goals faster was my plan and I did it!"

    ~ Jim G. - Network Marketer

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